FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
The following limitations apply to the current releases of the App-V server adapter:
  • In the unlikely event that App-V packages have been shared to non-persistent Citrix Virtual Desktops (formerly XenDesktop) VDI devices (instead of users), and FlexNet Manager Suite is linked to a Citrix Virtual Desktops broker, no license consumption occurs for those non-persistent devices (because non-persistent VDI devices are not modeled within FlexNet Manager Suite when Citrix Virtual Desktops broker information is available).
  • License consumption calculations depend on the integration of data both from Active Directory, and from the appropriate App-V database (App-V Management Server database for release 4.6, or reporting database for release 5.0 and later) and the AppVMgmtSvr.ps1 PowerShell script. As linking of this data occurs when the App-V server adapter data is imported, current users, computers, and groups must be imported from Active Directory first, before the latest App-V server adapter import occurs. From FlexNet Manager Suite 2014 R2, this ordering is automatic, since Active Directory data is imported to the central database as soon as it is uploaded from an inventory beacon.
    Tip: You may have multiple App-V Management Servers, and multiple streaming servers, that link to a single App-V Management Server database. This requires only one connection from the FlexNet Manager Suite App-V server adapter, because this connects only to the database. However, if you have multiple App-V Management Server databases in your estate, configure a separate connection to each of them on appropriate inventory beacons. Where helpful, you may configure multiple such connections (each separately scheduled as you choose) on one inventory beacon.
  • The quality of installer evidence recovered from App-V release 4.6 is not high. You should expect to do remedial work both to generalize the evidence found (for example, using the % wild card to generalize version numbering), and to link the evidence to appropriate applications.
  • For App-V release 5.0 and later, the system supports installation of the AppVMgmtSvr.ps1 PowerShell script on only one App-V Management Server. This single Management Server may support multiple Publishing Servers (if necessary spread worldwide for faster distribution of App-V packages to App-V clients); and the App-V clients may report to multiple Reporting Servers (independent of the source from which the App-V packages were downloaded). Different App-V Management Servers do not self-identify in the .raa inventory file, and the App-V reporting database does not identify which application usage information is associated with which App-V Management Server. For these reasons, only a single App-V Management Server (for release 5.0 and later) is supported.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1