Scheduling the Adapter

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The adapter to exchange data between FlexNet Manager Suite and BMC Atrium is driven by a schedule set up in Atrium.

To configure the schedule for data exchange:

  1. If you are not already in the Atrium Integrator console:
    1. Login to BMC Remedy Mid-Tier using user name and password provided by BMC Administrator.
    2. Click the Applications tab on the left edge.
      The Applications menu expands.
    3. Select Atrium Integrator, and then click Atrium Integrator Console.
  2. In the Jobs list on the left, select your BMCAtriumAdapter job.

  3. In the tool bar, select the icon to manage the job schedule ().
  4. Select Active.
  5. Select the Create new schedule option.
    The Schedules - "BMCAtriumAdapter" page appears.

  6. Complete the details for the regular operation of the adapter (this schedule controls data flow both ways, for import and export):
    1. Give the schedule a meaningful name in the top right corner (Enter Schedule Name).
    2. Use the Start Time spinners to dial up the time of day to start operation of the adapter.
      Tip: This is local time on the BMC Remedy AR System server.
    3. In the Recurrence Type area, specify how frequently you want the job to run.
      Recommendation: The process is quite time-consuming. In a stable environment, consider a monthly data exchange (Interval Based).
    4. Depending on your choice, complete the Recurrence Details.
    5. Click Save.
The integration between FlexNet Manager Suite and BMC Atrium is now operational.

However, before the next scheduled run, you should consider any further customization that may be necessary, especially in relation to large data sets.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1