Appendix 1: Export of Computers

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
For optimal performance, exports are differential (that is, only data changed since the last export is included). The following table shows:
  • Columns from the ComplianceComputers table (and related tables) in FlexNet Manager Suite that are exported
  • The equivalent column name in the ComputerSystemChanges table of the intermediate database (in case you wish to inspect the dataset there)
  • The matching column in the BMC_ComputerSystem table in the Atrium CMDB.
  1. Some values are not read from the source database, but inserted as fixed values. These are shown in double quotation marks, and explained in the associated comments.
  2. Some values exported from FlexNet Manager Suite to the intermediate database are not transferred to BMC Atrium. Instead, they are used to manage the exported data, removing records not relevant to the CMDB and so on.
Compliance Computer ComputerSystem Changes BMC_ ComputerSystem Comments
Not applicable. GeneratedTokenID TokenID TokenID takes different formats for different types of computers. In the following examples, the placeholder X represents any hexadecimal digit (0-9, A-F).
  • For physical hosts and computers, the TokenID is hostname:DNSdomainName.
  • For some virtual machines, TokenID takes the form of a prefix, a colon, and a UUID:
      Note: With Hyper-V, the UUID is only available on the physical machine, so TokenId is only set for virtual machines that have been successfully linked to their hosting physical machines.
    • For Xen (including Oracle VM), XEN-ID:XXXX-XX-XX-XX-XXXXXX
    • For KVM (including RedHat Enterprise Virtualization), KVM-ID:XXXX-XX-XX-XX-XXXXXX.

TokenID is generated dynamically, checking the value in ComputerType. For virtual machines, the value in ComputerToVirtualMachine_ VMTypeID is used to determine the prefix, and the UUID is attached from ComputerToVirtualMachine_UUID.

Compliance ComputerID ComputerID CITag The identifier for the computer in the FlexNet Manager Suite database, passed to BMC as the configuration item tag. (This is passed back again if Asset records are imported by FlexNet Manager Suite.)
ComputerName ComputerName HostName The name of the computer, limited to 256 characters.
  DNS Name Format A fixed string value determining the data type for Name.
[ComplianceDomain] QualifiedName Domain Domain The fully qualified domain name for the domain where this computer exists. Extracted from ComplianceDomain.QualifiedName using ComplianceComputers. ComplianceDomainID as a foreign key. Used when there is no value for FlatDomain received from FlexNet Manager Suite.
[ComplianceDomain] FlatName FlatDomain Domain The unqualified name of the domain containing the computer. Extracted from ComplianceDomain.FlatName using ComplianceComputers. ComplianceDomainID as a foreign key. Where this value is present, it is stored in BMC_ComputerSystem.Domain; if not, the qualified domain name is used instead.
[Compliance ComputerStatus] DefaultValue ComputerStatus (Not stored.) The current status of this computer within the inventory records. Values include:
  • New (this is the first appearance of this computer in inventory)
  • Ignored (an operator has marked this computer to be ignored)
  • Registered (this inventory record is linked to an asset record)
  • Awaiting Inventory (a dummy computer record, allowing its associated asset record to exist, which will be removed when an operator links the asset record to a real inventory item)
  • Discarded.
These values are extracted from ComplianceComputerStatus. DefaultValue based on the foreign key ComplianceComputers. ComplianceComputerStatusID.
Tip: The DefaultValue is the US English representation of the values, not localized.

The status is used to make sure that computers that are Awaiting Inventory, Discarded, or Ignored are not transferred to BMC Atrium.

Not applicable. "Workstation" CapabilityList Primary Capability Fixed literal string inserted in the BMC database.
[Compliance ComputerType] DefaultValue ComputerType isVirtual The boolean isVirtual is set true whenever the ComputerType in the intermediate database is either VMHost or Virtual Machine. Possible values are extracted from

ComplianceComputerType. DefaultValue based on the foreign key ComplianceComputers. ComplianceComputerTypeID .

InventoryDate InventoryDate (Not stored.) The date inventory was last collected from this computer.
Manufacturer Manufacturer ManufacturerName Values from FlexNet Manager Suite are provided to avoid data normalization by the CMDB that may modify names.


SerialNo SerialNumber The serial number of the computer.
[VirtualMachine] Compliance ComputerID ComputerTo VirtualMachine_ Compliance ComputerID (Not stored.) Populated only for virtual machines. A foreign key that links records in the VirtualMachine table to the matching records in the ComputerCompliance table. Used here in the calculation of TokenID.
[VirtualMachine] UUID ComputerTo VirtualMachine_ UUID (Not stored.) Populated only for virtual machines.

The UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) of the virtual machine. Used to match virtual machine properties to their associated ComplianceComputer. Used here in the calculation of TokenID for virtual machines.

[VirtualMachine] VMTypeID ComputerToVirtual Machine_ VMTypeID (Not stored.) Populated only for virtual machines. A foreign key to the VMType table, which identifies the kind of virtual machine, including:
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • LPAR
  • WPAR
  • nPar
  • vPar
  • SRP
  • Zone
  • Unknown.

Used here in the calculation of TokenID.

Not applicable. UpdatedDate (Not stored.) Used when identifying changed data for differential exports to BMC Atrium.
Compliance Computer TypeID Compliance Computer TypeID (Not stored.) This value is used to filter out remote devices (those from which inventory cannot be collected) and VDI templates, which are not relevant to the CMDB.
Not applicable. ViewID (Not stored.) Deprecated and not in use.
Not applicable. TenantID (Ignored.) Always contains a zero value (a string of 16 zeroes) for an on-premises implementation.
Not applicable. BMC_ COMPUTERSYSTEM ClassID Fixed literal string inserted in these records to identify the data class in the data set.
Not applicable. "CompanyName" Company A fixed value that must match the company identifier embedded in the Atrium CMDB.
Not applicable. "DataSetID" DataSetID Value attached to the dataset considered. Must match the value embedded in the Atrium CMDB.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1