Imported Installation Records

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidence table is a staging table used to collect records of which installation evidence has been found on what inventory devices. From here, de-duplicated and normalized records are merged into the InstalledInstallerEvidence table.

InstalledInstallerEvidence is a simple table that mainly links installer evidence records with inventory device records. In the case of imports from Data Platform v5, only the two external IDs are needed, with other values supplied by FlexNet Manager Suite as and when required. The first listing below maps the two columns from Data Platform source to FlexNet Manager Suite destination. Below is a list of the remaining columns in the ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidence table that are not populated by this import (and do not need to be).

Data mapping for imported installed installer evidence

The following listing matches the source data from Data Platform v5 with the equivalent column in the ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidence table. For more details on the database tables and columns within FlexNet Manager Suite, please see the FlexNet Manager Suite Schema Reference PDF, available through the title page of online help.

Data Platform (Table)/Column FNMS (Table)/Column Notes
(MATCH_HOST_SW_PROD) / CAT_SW_UUID (ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidence) / ExternalInstallerEvidenceID

The same value as the (ImportedInstallerEvidence) / ExternalInstallerID.

Fabricated from:


(MATCH_TASK_DET) / TASK_NAME and the checksum for the same


(ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidence) / ExternalID
The format is of this form (shown with nonsense values):

An external ID for the inventory device is fabricated from the various details shown (truncated as required and joined with various separator characters). This is then mapped through the ImportedStringMapping table to convert string IDs to integer IDs. The same value as the (ImportedComputer) / ExternalID.

(MATCH_HOST_SW_PROD) / DISCOVERED_INSTALLDATE (ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidence) / InstallDate

The installation date recorded for the installer evidence.

Data not imported from Data Platform v5

These columns in the ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidence table cannot be populated by inventory imports from Data Platform v5. These missing data points do not impact license compliance calculations. For further details about these columns, please see the schema reference.
  • ComplianceConnectionID — internally generated
  • ExternalInstanceID
  • DiscoveryDate (will be set to the date of first import from this connection).

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1