HPE Universal Discovery Adapter

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
You can use the HPE Universal Discovery (HPE-UD) adapter tool to collect and import inventory data from HPE Universal Discovery System to FlexNet Manager Suite. The HPE-UD adapter fetches all hardware, software, and virtualization information from the HPE-UD system and stores it in the compliance database maintained by FlexNet Manager Suite. The HPE-UD adapter support is available only with FlexNet Manager Suite version 2015 and later.
Note: The HPE-UD adapter tool works only with version 10.10, 10.11, 10.33–11.5, 2020.05, 20.08, 20.11, 21.05 of the HPE Universal Discovery System. These versions do not support Solaris 11 zones, for which reason the HPE-UD adapter cannot import these zones. Since host serial number and zone name are used for rationalizing duplicate inventory records across different inventory sources, this may mean that a device imported through the HPE-UD adapter cannot be merged with another record of the same device imported through another inventory source that supports zones information.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1