What Is Inventory Adapter Studio?

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
As well as gathering inventory directly from devices in your computing estate, FlexNet Manager Suite can also import inventory gathered by other software and hardware inventory tools. FlexNet Manager Suite ships with several factory-supplied adapters that read data from inventory tools such as Microsoft SCCM or IBM's ILMT. The Inventory Adapter Studio enables modification of these existing adapters; but more importantly, it allows creation of new adapters to connect with systems not supported out of the box.
Note: The Inventory Adapter Studio is tailored specifically to building adapters for inventory tools. FlexNet Manager Suite is also able to import additional business-related data that influences license compliance calculations, but these connectors are built with the separate Business Adapter Studio.
The Inventory Adapter Studio provides the following benefits:
  • A graphical user interface that simplifies creation and editing of the underlying XML files that define the adapters.
  • Template adapters, which include approved code for data transformation and import into the FlexNet Manager Suite operations database. This allows you to focus exclusively on the data gathering aspects of the adapter.
  • Syntax highlighting, and highlighting of steps that require further editing.
  • Data isolation by hiding test connections from your production implementation of FlexNet Manager Suite.
  • Reduced testing effort, with a built-in filter to limit the number of records processed in a testing cycle.
  • Context sensitive error reporting, with progress monitoring of each statement in the user interface.
  • Detailed error reporting and tracing.

At the end of the section on the Inventory Adapter Studio, the object model for inventory adapters running on your inventory beacon in disconnected mode is fully documented.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1