Save Inventory Account in Password Manager

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The accounts that collect Oracle inventory must exist in the Password Manager.

This process must be completed on the inventory beacon.

To register an account in the Password Manager on an inventory beacon:

  1. Log into the inventory beacon, using an account that has administrator privileges.
  2. Start the FlexNet Beacon software from the Windows Start menu.
  3. In the navigation bar on the left, select the Password management page, and click Launch Password Manager.
    The separate interface for the Password Manager opens.
  4. In the Current credentials group, click New.
    The controls in the Editor group are activated. When you are updating an existing entry, the controls are populated with the currently saved values.
  5. Provide a Logical name to identify this set of credentials.
    Logical naming allows you to have one account name, but with different passwords on different servers. For more, see the online help.
  6. For Account type, choose Account on Oracle database.
  7. Complete the User (account name) and Password.
  8. Click View/Edit....
    The Password Store: Password Filter dialog displays.
  9. Use the Oracle service names filter to create a comma-separated list of the Oracle services for which this account/password pair should be used.
    The services names are visible in your .ora file. Filtering the account/password pair to apply only to specified Oracle services provides maximum efficiency for login and introspection.
  10. Click Apply to close the dialog, and continue to save the entry in the Password Manager.
    Repeat the process as required until all your Oracle machines are covered by one or more entries in the Password Manager. Thereafter you may exit the FlexNet Beacon interface.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1