Oracle Enterprise Manager Adapter

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

Oracle Enterprise Manager monitors and manages other Oracle software installed on customer sites. Therefore it is a useful aid in gathering inventory from Oracle systems.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) adapter, from Flexera, connects to Oracle Enterprise Manager, and extracts a file of connection information for the Oracle systems it monitors. This file is in a standard format (TNSNames.ora) used by Oracle. (In fact, if you already have files of the same name generated by Oracle, you can simply copy these to the appropriate folder on an inventory beacon. This may be a viable alternative to using this adapter.)

When the file is saved to a special location on an inventory beacon (and the inventory rules for this inventory beacon allow processing of TNSNames.ora files), the connection information in it can be used by FlexNet Manager for Datacenters, a separately-licensed product within FlexNet Manager Suite, to collect software inventory information. This document covers the set up and configuration to use the adapter as part of an Oracle inventory solution.
Note: The sole purpose of the OEM adapter is to prepare a TNSNames.ora file as a method of discovery of Oracle Database servers. There is a completely unrelated process where the normal FlexNet inventory of the database instance used by Oracle Enterprise Manager (the OEM repository) also reveals the names of the Oracle database instances it manages, as well as any Oracle options that have been enabled through the related console for Oracle Enterprise Manager. This latter process requires neither an adapter nor any special configuration; it is a natural by-product of gathering inventory from the OEM repository, whether by a locally installed FlexNet inventory agent, by direct inventory collection through an inventory beacon, or by any other means of gathering FlexNet inventory from the OEM repository database instance.


Throughout, the Flexera adapter is referred to as the OEM adapter. The database for Oracle Enterprise Manager (to which the OEM adapter connects) is referred to as the OEM repository.

The OEM adapter is tested for use with Oracle Enterprise Manager releases 12.1–13.5.

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