Prerequisites for the OEM Adapter

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The OEM adapter must be installed on a computer with network access to Oracle Enterprise Manager, and requires read access to certain tables and data views there (the required permissions are listed in Grant Permissions to Account).

The OEM adapter requires that, on the computer where it will execute, the Oracle client version 12.1 is installed. Only the 32-bit version is supported: even for a Windows 64-bit computer, use 32-bit ODAC 12c Release 1 (

To take advantage of the information gathered by the OEM adapter, there are also the following requirements on the remainder of the system. Once the OEM adapter saves a TNSNames.ora file, the subsequent gathering of Oracle inventory requires that:

  • The FlexNet inventory agent can access each Oracle system. This can be achieved either by installing the FlexNet inventory agent on the target Oracle server(s), or by remote execution (Zero-footprint inventory gathering, a term further explained in the Gathering FlexNet Inventory PDF, available through the title page of online help).
  • You have FlexNet Manager for Datacenters, a separately licensed product within FlexNet Manager Suite.
    Tip: You can check whether your implementation has this product licensed in the web interface for FlexNet Manager Suite:
    1. Navigate to the system menu ( in the top right corner) > FlexNet Manager Suite License.Go to the IT Assets License page (Administration > IT Asset Management Settings > IT Assets License).
    2. Check the list of Subscribed and purchased products on the right, looking for a card for FlexNet Manager for Datacenters. If the card is present, you have this product licensed.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1