Connecting to the Salesforce Online Service

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

To generate the compliance position for Salesforce licenses, FlexNet Manager Suite needs information about subscription and usage of Salesforce licenses. To get the subscription and usage information from, the FlexNet Beacon should be configured with an inventory PowerShell connection of the Source Type of Salesforce for each tenant of Salesforce. (Typically, each enterprise is a single Salesforce tenant; but your corporate history, including mergers and acquisitions, may mean that your enterprise includes multiple Salesforce tenants.)

When created and configured with the Salesforce connection, the inventory beacon imports the licenses, users, and usage information from the account and uploads it to FlexNet Manager Suite according to the defined schedule. according to the defined schedule. For details on how to create a connector to Salesforce, see Managing Connections to