Viewing Salesforce License Information with FlexNet Manager Suite

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The following provides high-level steps for viewing Salesforce license information using FlexNet Manager Suite.

To view Salesforce license information:

  1. Ensure that you have created and configured a connector for each tenant of the Salesforce Online Service. For more information, see Managing Connections to
  2. During the next discovery and inventory collection, FlexNet Manager Suite imports the following objects:
    • Users: Each imported user from is mapped to the appropriate accessing user record. If an imported user cannot be mapped to any accessing user record, an accessing user record is created with a dummy inventory device assigned to this user.
    • Licenses: A SaaS User license is created for each Salesforce tenant (typically one tenant per enterprise, although mergers and acquisitions may mean that your enterprise has multiple Salesforce tenants). Note the following:
      • This license is derived from a template provided in the downloadable libraries, and selected based on the plan identifier.
      • Multiple applications are linked to this license that represent feature and user licenses within Salesforce.
      • The name of the Salesforce tenant is included in the name of each of these license and applications. The name of the connector is included as well. This information helps to distinguish licenses when you have multiple Salesforce tenants.
  3. Review the All Users and All licenses pages to ensure that the required users and licenses have been created.
  4. After license reconciliation has been completed, the Product Summary page should show the compliance status for Salesforce.
  5. Navigate to License Compliance > All Licenses. Filter the records to view Salesforce licenses. You can check the Consumed and Used columns to know how many subscriptions are being used.
  6. You can also view the SaaS Usage report for insights on Salesforce license consumption.