Properties for Export Columns

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
These are the major properties of the entries in the Export Runs view created as ServiceNow commences each data export. In integration app 5.x go to Flexera Integration > Export History > Export Runs and in integration app 4.x, under FlexNet Manager Suite > Integration History > Export Runs.
Column Notes

An automatically-generated sequential numbering of each created record in this listing.

Export Type

The type of data being exported, either Contract or Asset.

May have the following values:
  • File Creation — Displayed when the integration application sends the opening XML tag to the MID Server to be commence writing the XML file.
  • Data Collection — Displayed while the integration application gathers the data and sends it to MID Server to be written into the XML file. The data is sent in multiple chunks of 500 records each.
  • File Completion — Displayed when the closing XML tag has been sent to the MID Server.
Provides additional insight into the Data Collection stage in particular. Values include:
  • New — This default state is set when a record is created in the Export Runs listing.
  • Processing — The integration application is reading from the ServiceNow database and compiling a chunk of data.
  • Processed — All database records required for the current chunk (maximum: 500) have been prepared.
  • Waiting — The data chunk is being transferred to the MID server.
  • Ready — The MID server has notified that the data chunk has been added to the XML file. At this point, the integration application sets the state back to Processing and prepares the next chunk of data.
  • Succeeded — All data chunks have been transferred, and no more are required.
  • Failed — For some reason (unspecified here), the export has failed.

The number of database records that the integration application has read and processed. Because the data is transferred to the MID server in a number of chunks, the counter value is used as a cursor for reading the correct records from the database for the next data chunk.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1