Appendices: Data Flows

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The following appendices are for those wanting a deep technical dive into the properties extracted from ServiceNow and imported as inventory into FlexNet Manager Suite.

The Flexera Integration application (for configuration details, see Setting up the Integration Application) is scheduled to produce three .csv files in a folder on your chosen MID server (see Setting Up a MID Server, where you may have customized the folder, or used the default path of export under the ServiceNow MID Server installation directory).

Each of these tasks runs independently, and each is documented in a separate topic below.
Important: The outputs depend on which ServiceNow plugins you are using:
  • Discovery plugin – data is imported only when discovered by ServiceNow, so this one is mandatory; and it is also a prerequisite for the following:
  • SAM plugin – this plugin provides additional information in the file flexera_software_install_export_set.csv, and without this additional plugin, that .csv file remains empty.
It is also important to know that the connector validates data availability from all of the following output files, cross-referencing to ensure that no devices "slip through the cracks", even in corner cases such as the time interval between when the SAM plugin was enabled and when the next ServiceNow discovery (and data export) was run.

This table summarizes the individual tasks (as they are listed within ServiceNow), the source of properties exported by each task, and the .csv file that saves the properties. In the following topics, the individual properties as listed in the .csv files are identified, along with a mapping to the results in FlexNet Manager Suite.

ServiceNow Task/Source .csv File
Flexera Scheduled Computer Export (independent of plugins)
cmdb_ci_computer.list flexera_computer_export.csv

Flexera Scheduled Software Export (when only the Discovery plugin is enabled)

cmdb_software_instance.list flexera_software_export.csv

Flexera Scheduled Software Install Export (when the SAM plugin is also enabled)

cmdb_sam_sw_install.list flexera_software_install_export_set.csv
For more information, see the following topics (in the same order as the table above):

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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