Tanium Server Prerequisites

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

Tanium server software prerequisites

The following Tanium server software prerequisites are required to use the Tanium connector:

  • An operational Tanium instance
  • Tanium Server version 7.2 or later
  • Tanium Asset version - 1.17.155 (for use with FlexNet Beacon version 15.1.0 or later – if you have an earlier version of Tanium Asset, also preserve an earlier installation of FlexNet Beacon with the earlier connector matching the previous API of Tanium Asset, as described in FlexNet Beacon Server Prerequisites)
  • A web browser
  • The ability to log into Tanium web interface, using an account with administrator privileges.
    Note: The Tanium connector leverages the REST APIs provided by Tanium to export asset inventory data from Tanium Asset and import it into FlexNet Manager Suite.
    Important: To ensure recognition of Microsoft SQL Server from Tanium Asset v1.8.0.0075 and later, you will need to use the Tanium connector on FlexNet Beacon 15.1.0 (or later), shipped with FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1.1.

Tanium server configuration prerequisites

Important: For Tanium Asset version 1.11 or later (running on Tanium Server 7.3.0 or later), these configuration prerequisites are not required. Instead, skip ahead directly to Creating a Flexera SQL Edition view within Tanium Asset.
For earlier versions of Tanium Asset, complete all of the following configuration tutorials which are documented in the Tanium Asset User Guide on the https://docs.tanium.com/asset/asset/exportasset.html?Highlight=flexera page:
  1. "Configure Flexera staging database"
    Tip: You must configure your staging database to allow a Flexera destination in Tanium. Although the Tanium connector will not use the staging database to import inventory data, the staging database is required to add a Flexera destination in Tanium.
  2. "Add Flexera destination"
  3. "(Optional) Enable file evidence content"

Once the above configurations are complete, you are ready to create a Flexera SQL Edition view. See Creating a Flexera SQL Edition view within Tanium Asset.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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