Schedule Imports from Technopedia

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

Imports from Technopedia are typically scheduled just once a day, at an hour that allows enough time for import, upload, and processing before the nightly license reconciliation calculations are triggered. By default, the Inventory import and license reconcile scheduled task runs at 2am daily on your batch server (or whichever server is hosting that functionality), so that a schedule that triggers an hour beforehand may suit your environment.

If you already have a schedule configured for the appropriate time, you may reuse that schedule for imports from Technopedia (when there are multiple tasks attached to the same schedule, the inventory beacon runs them sequentially). If you do not already have a suitable one, use the following procedure to create a new schedule. (It is convenient,but not essential, to have the schedule ready before configuring the actual connection to Technopedia itself.)
Tip: Remember, if your inventory beacon is co-installed on your batch server (or equivalent), all processes (other than import from Active Directory) are scheduled in Windows Task Scheduler, and in this case, you should ignore the following procedure and modify your schedule(s) within Task Scheduler as required.

To review or configure a schedule for your Technopedia connection on a free-standing inventory beacon:

  1. While logged into the FlexNet Beacon interface (with administrator privileges), select Scheduling from the left-hand navigation bar (in the Data collection group).
  2. Review the Next run at values of any existing schedules to decide whether one suits your requirements.
    If so, take note of the schedule Name for use when setting up the connection. Your work here is done, and you can skip ahead to configuring the connection.
  3. Click New....
    The Edit Schedule dialog appears.
  4. Complete the details:
    1. Make the Schedule name distinct within the first few characters, as you may need to choose this schedule from a list with fairly narrow columns.
    2. Select the Daily radio button, and choose the time at which to trigger imports from Technopedia (such as 1am for a default implementation, allowing an hour for import, upload and processing before the nightly license reconciliation kicks off).
      Tip: This setting is local time on your inventory beacon. If your batch server happens to be in a different time zone, make allowances as you select your start time.
    3. Click OK to write this draft schedule into the list on the Scheduling page.
  5. Optionally, click Save at the bottom of the panel to store the details; or you may defer this until you have configured the connection, described next.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1