Central User Administration

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The Central User Administration (CUA) enables you to maintain the user primary records centrally in one SAP system (SAP refers to these as the "user master records").

The system that is used to maintain the user primary records is usually referred to as the CUA central system. Any changes that are made to the user primary records on the CUA central system are automatically distributed to the connected SAP systems (called child system in the following diagram).

Figure: Data flow from FlexNet Manager Suite to the SAP systems when using CUA

If your SAP landscape uses CUA, you need to specify the CUA central system in the SAP Admin module. When an SAP administrator makes changes to user primary data in the SAP Admin module, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications sends these changes to the CUA central system, which distributes them to the connected SAP systems.

As a prerequisite for using CUA, the AdminModule transport must be installed on the SAP Admin Module system, and the Satellite transport must be installed on the SAP system which is the SAP CUA Central system. It is not necessary to install the Satellite transport on the dependent SAP systems (CUA children) that receive user primary data updates from the CUA central system.

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