Inventory Beacons

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

Collection of user data and package measurement results from SAP systems is facilitated using an inventory beacon. Inventory beacons are distribution and collection components that are installed within the company network to enable the dynamic collection of inventory data.

Usually, inventory beacons are located in remote sites where direct connection to the data can be difficult to maintain.

Important: Because you are using FlexNet Manager Suite in an on-premises installation, SAP data can be collected either using inventory beacons or using the SAP Inventory Agent. For information on collecting data using the SAP Inventory Agent, see Collection of User Details and Consumption Data from SAP Systems.

This section provides a short introduction to inventory beacons for their usage in an SAP context. For detailed information on installing and configuring inventory beacons, see What Is an Inventory Beacon? and its subtopics in the FlexNet Manager Suite online help. For help using the inventory beacon interface, see Inventory Beacons and subtopics in the FlexNet Manager Suite online help.

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