Staging Database Log Results

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
Table 1. Information in the staging database logs
Column Description
GUID 16 The unique identifier for each data collection that helps to differentiate between the different runs of the Staging Database Monitor.
System ID The three-character identifier that identifies the dependent SAP system that was accessed.
Client The client ID of the SAP system that was accessed.
Area The type of data that was collected. This information can be helpful for troubleshooting purposes. For example, the value CONSUMPTION indicates all functions that were executed for collecting consumption data.
Counter The order in which the messages and entries in the log for a particular area are generated.
Start date The date when the Staging Database Monitor started the data collection from the dependent SAP systems.
Table name The SAP table that was accessed on the dependent SAP system.
Function module The function module that was used to access the data.
Code The error code captured by sy-subrc. Use this to troubleshoot any errors that occured when the function module was called. For information on possible error codes, see the SAP documentation.
Message type The type of SAP message indicating whether the process completed successfully (S), with a warning (W), or with an error (E).
Message text A detailed message describing the outcome of the performed action.

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