Committing Duplicate User Data Changes to the Dependent SAP Systems

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
To make the changes permanent, you need to commit them to the user primary records in the SAP database. There are two ways to commit the changes:
  • Using the Update User Data button.
  • Using the User Maintenance button (transaction SU01).
Important: If the SAP Admin module is connected to IdM, it is recommended to make changes to user data using the Update User Data button, and NOT using the User Maintenance button.

Recommendations that are gray are read-only and cannot be processed. This could have a number of reasons, such as the dependent SAP system has no logical RFC destination, the dependent SAP system may be unavailable, the user may not have sufficient rights for the system, or the recommendation may be blocked by another user.

To commit duplicate user data changes to the dependent SAP systems:

  1. Run a Duplicate User Recommendations report (see Creating a Duplicate User Recommendations Report.
  2. On the Process Duplicate Users screen, select for which user, or users (using Ctrl + click), you want to accept the recommendations. Follow one of the following procedures:
    • Click Update User Data to update the user data using FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications features.
    1. In the Update dialog, select the check boxes for the user primary data fields that you want to update. Usually, these will be the fields that you modified earlier. Click Continue or press Enter.
    2. Click Yes in the dialog.
    3. If the update was successful, the cell that contains the updated value is highlighted in green. If the update was not successful, the cell is red. If multiple fields were selected for the update, but only one field returns an error, all selected fields are highlighted in red.
    • Click User Maintenance to access the user data directly on the dependent SAP system. This will open the transaction SU01 on the dependent SAP system. This requires that the Dialog RFC destination has been set up for the system that you want to access. Perform the usual steps for user maintenance in SAP to change the user data.

      Important: Any changes that are made using the User Maintenance button (transaction SU01) will not be reflected in the Duplicate User Recommendations report.
You can display additional information on the processing of the data in the dependent SAP system by clicking the Log button. The log contains a standard error message that is returned by an SAP function. The same error message appears if the license type was manually changed using the transaction SU01.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1