Resetting Recommendations

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

You can undo any processing action that was not committed to the SAP database.

When you reset a license-type recommendation, you change a license recommendation to the status that is currently saved in the database.

To reset a license-type recommendation:

  1. Run a Process Recommendations Offline report, and select the license-type recommendation that you want to reset.
  2. Click Reset.

The recommendation is reset to the status that is currently saved in the SAP database.


You run a report, and the license recommendation for user JSmith has the status Pending. You accept the recommendation and its status changes to Accepted. By clicking Reset, the status in the report is returned to its previous status, which is Pending.

You then decide to accept the recommendation and commit it to the database. A subsequent recommendation for user JSmith is processed later, which you reject, but you do not commit. If you click Reset at this point, the status is returned to the value that was saved to the database, which is Accepted.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1