Resetting a System Landscape in the SAP Admin Module

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The Reset System Landscape functionality enables you to synchronize your system landscape in the SAP Admin module with another landscape in FlexNet Manager Suite (for example, in the event that you re-built your FlexNet Manager Suite installation).

When you reset a system landscape, the system details that were previously entered in the SAP Admin module (such as RFC destinations, SAP Enterprise Portal system information, and dialog RFC destinations) are no longer available.

To reset a system landscape in the SAP Admin module:

  1. Open the SAP Admin module, click Administration, and select Customizing.
  2. In the Extras menu, click Reset System Landscape. In the dialog box, click Yes to continue.
  3. Close the SAP Admin module, and then restart it.
  4. Open the Main menu of the SAP Admin module.
    The Main menu displays the Import System Landscape button.
You can now import a system landscape from FlexNet Manager Suite. To do so, follow the steps described under Importing a System Landscape from FlexNet Manager Suite.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1