Creating a User Data Validation Report

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
Before you execute a User Data Validation report, ensure that you specified the settings for the user data checks in Customizing (in the SAP Admin module in the Administration menu).
Use the User Data Validation report to check specific fields in the user primary data against the criteria specified in Customizing in the SAP Admin module for existence and contents.

To create a User Validation report:

  1. In the Main menu of the SAP Admin module, select an active system from the system landscape.
  2. Click Reporting, then select User Data Validation from the menu. To run the report to analyze all available data, go to step 7. To specify selection criteria and select additional report options, complete step 3 through step 6, as necessary. All report settings are optional.
  3. Under Selection Criteria for Systems, select the systems whose user logons you want to analyze. In the System field, specify the system or range of systems. The system that was previously selected in the Main menu is preset in the selection screen. (F4 Help opens a list with the systems that are recorded in the FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications system data.)
  4. Under Selection Criteria for Users, you can limit the report to specific user names (UserIDs). In addition, the report can be limited with regard to license type, user type, user group, and other selection options.
    Option Description
    User Name Limits the report to the specified user name or range of user names.
    License Type Limits the report to users with a specified license type.
    User Type

    Limits the report to a specified user type.

    The default setting is A (Dialog User).

    By default, technical SAP users — who would also be disregarded in an SAP license audit — are excluded.

    User Group Limits the report to a specified user group.
    Account Number Limits the report to a specified account number.
    Cost Center Limits the report to a specified cost center.
    Company Name 1 Limits the report to a specified company name 1.
    Company Name 2 Limits the report to a specified company name 2.
    Division Limits the report to a specified division.
    User Lock Status Displays users with a specific lock status. Enter one of the following values:
    • 64 — locked by administrator
    • 128 — locked after incorrect logon
    • 96 — locked
    • 32 — locked by the central CUA administrator
    You can find the values for this field in the F4 Help.
    Read Invalid Users If you want to include invalid users in the report, select the Read Invalid Users check box.
  5. Under List Options, you can choose which data should be displayed. Select from the following values:
    • Only Error — Only incorrect records are displayed.
    • Without Error — Only records that passed the verification are displayed.
    • All Records — All data records are displayed.
  6. If you want to use a specific layout, enter the name of the saved layout in the Layout field.
  7. Click Execute.

Review the results of the User Data Validation report. Some fields are highlighted in red. This denotes issues with that particular entry, according to the rules set in the Customizing section in the SAP Admin module (see Setting User Data Checks for User Data Validation). You can display a dialog with the error details by selecting a red field and clicking the Error Reason function key.

Clean up the user primary data to enable correct consolidation of the users. You can do this directly in the report. For more information, see User Data or License Data Changes.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1