SoftwareLicenseUsageHistory Table

SoftwareLicenseUsageHistory records snapshots of software license utilization.

Note: To cater for multi-tenant mode, this table may contain data for multiple tenants. Access requires that the database TenantID has been set in the SQL Server connection context information. That setting filters an underlying table to produce this view of data for the single, selected tenant.
Table 1. Database columns for SoftwareLicenseUsageHistory table

Database Column


SoftwareLicenseUsage HistoryID

Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

A unique identifier for each record in this table.


Type: datetime

Date that the snapshot was recorded and the projected usage was calculated.


Type: integer. Key

SoftwareLicenseID that identifies the software license. This field is a foreign key to the SoftwareLicense table.


Type: integer

Total number of licenses purchased, as of the Snapshot Date.


Type: integer

Total number of installations for the license, as of the Snapshot Date.


Type: integer. Nullable

Total consumption of the license, as of the Snapshot Date. If application usage is not being tracked, this field is blank.


Type: integer. Nullable

The projected usage calculated for this license, based on patterns of usage over time.