BatchProcessTypeLimit Table

BatchProcessTypeLimit is a table storing the limits placed on the parallel execution of tasks within the Batch Processor. A limit is associated with one or more BatchProcessTypes. The limit value is the number of tasks of the associated types that may be executed at any one time.

Note that these limits are applied after the standard parallel execution restrictions are applied. This means that these limits will generally affect a single tenant system. They will take effect only if the limit is applied to types that are allowed to run in parallel for a tenant. For example, if a limit is applied to a types that run the ComplianceReader executable, the Business importer and the ARL import, it may be possible to reach the limit.

In a multi-tenant system, the limits allow the system administrator to define reasonable limits to try to ensure that the Batch scheduler does not overload the hardware it is allotted.

Table 1. Database columns for BatchProcessTypeLimit table

Database Column



Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

A unique identifier for a BatchProcessTypeLimit.


Type: text (max 128 characters). Key

The name of this BatchProcessTypeLimit. This name will be used internally to reference the limit, and will be shown in the tracing output.


Type: integer

The number of tasks associated with this limit that may be executed in parallel by the Batch scheduler. A zero or negative value in this column will cause the limit to be ignored.