DiscoveredDeviceDiscoveredBy Table

By which inventory beacon was this device discovered? Sometimes useful when other identifying features are duplicated, and when the distribution server should do something to the device.

Note: To cater for multi-tenant mode, this table may contain data for multiple tenants. Access requires that the database TenantID has been set in the SQL Server connection context information. That setting filters an underlying table to produce this view of data for the single, selected tenant.
Table 1. Database columns for DiscoveredDeviceDiscoveredBy table

Database Column



Type: integer. Key

The id of the device discovered.


Type: unique identifier. Key

The inventory beacon that discovered it.


Type: integer. Key. Nullable

The RuleID executed on the beacon that discovered the device.


Type: boolean. Nullable

Does the distribution server have administrative privileges for the device?


Type: datetime

The date and time that the distribution server last reported its discovery of this device.


Type: integer. Key. Nullable

Account that can administer the device.


Type: integer. Key. Nullable

Account that can administer the device, overridden by the user.