CustomPropertyDisplayXML Table

CustomPropertyDisplayXML stores XML snippets with layout information for custom properties. The XML snippets in this table will be inserted into the default XML layout for the appropriate property dialog. Storing snippets in this table, rather than manually updating the default XML layout, ensures that custom properties will continue to be applied even after upgrading the product (since during a product upgrade, we typically overwrite all property display XML layout with the new defaults for that version of the product).

Table 1. Database columns for CustomPropertyDisplayXML table

Database Column


CustomPropertyDisplayX MLID

Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

A unique identifier for this XML snippet.


Type: text

An XML snippet that describes how to show this property in the properties dialog.


Type: text

XPath which selects an XML node where the snippet will be inserted.


Type: integer

How to insert this property at the selected XPath node. Foreign key to the XMLInsertType table.


Type: integer

The order in which to insert the XML snippet for this property into the XML layout file. If this value is higher than another, it will be inserted after it. Useful when the XML snippet for this property is to be inserted inside another - for instance, if a property creates a tab or group.