DisplayXML Table

The static DisplayXML table stores the default XML code representing the property dialog layout for non-type-specific objects such as purchase orders, vendors and evidence. The XML files for type-specific entities (such as assets) are stored in the static type tables (such as AssetType) for those objects.

Table 1. Database columns for DisplayXML table

Database Column



Type: text (max 30 characters). Key

A unique identifier for the type of object associated with the XML. Possible values are:

  • Contract (not in use any longer - the contract XML files are now stored in ContractType)
  • Vendor
  • VendorContact
  • PurchaseOrder
  • PurchaseOrderDetail
  • SoftwareTitle
  • FileEvidence
  • InstallerEvidence
  • User
  • TermAndCondition
  • Operator
  • LicensePointsRuleSet.

Type: text. Nullable

The layout of the property dialog for this type of entity, stored in XML format.