TermAndConditionType Table

TermAndConditionType stores a list of types of different terms/conditions that may be associated with contracts.

Table 1. Database columns for TermAndConditionType table

Database Column



Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

A unique identifier for each TermAndConditionType. The default values and corresponding default strings are:

  • 1 = Acceptance Period
  • 2 = Price Change
  • 3 = Cancellation
  • 4 = Renewal
  • 5 = Expiry
  • 6 = Review
  • 7 = Limitation.
TermAndConditionType ResourceName

Type: text (max 256 characters). Key

The unique name of the localizable resource string representing a term/condition type. Foreign key to the ComplianceResourceString table.

TermAndConditionType DefaultValue

Type: text (max 100 characters)

The text to display if the type resource string has no translation.


Type: boolean

If set to True, this field indicates that this term and condition type was created by FlexNet Manager Suite and should not be deleted or edited. If False, the type has been created by an operator, and may be modified.