VMSourceType Table

VMSourceType is a static table used to define possible virtual machine inventory source values (that is, whether the properties were created manually or reported by the compliance importer).

Table 1. Database columns for VMSourceType table

Database Column



Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

A unique identifier for each VMSourceType. Possible values and the corresponding default strings are:

  • 1 = Manual (the virtual machine properties were manually created and have not been updated by the compliance importer)
  • 2 = VM Host (the virtual machine‚Äôs host recently reported inventory and updated these virtual machine properties).

Type: text (max 256 characters). Key

The unique name of the localizable resource string representing a virtual machine source type. Foreign key to the ComplianceResourceString table.


Type: text (max 100 characters)

The text to display if the source type resource string has no translation.