ClientAccessSourceType Table

ClientAccessSourceType is a static table listing the types of client access source type that can be used to determine whether the evidence is collection from which source.

Table 1. Database columns for ClientAccessSourceType table

Database Column



Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

A unique identifier for each ClientAccessSourceType. Possible values and the corresponding default strings are:

  • 1 = Unknown
  • 2 = UAL
  • 3 = Exchange
  • 4 = Lync
  • 5 = SCCM
  • 6 = Manual
  • 7 = SharePoint
  • 8 = SaaS

Type: text (max 256 characters). Key

The unique name of the localizable resource string representing a clinet access source type. Foreign key to the ComplianceResourceString table.


Type: text (max 100 characters)

The text to display if the type resource string has no translation.


Type: text (max 100 characters). Key

The text value provided by adapters when importing client access source type.