RelatedInstalledSoftwareData Table

RelatedInstalledSoftware stores parent-child relationship among application installations. This is used for modelling application bundling.

Note: To cater for multi-tenant mode, this table may contain data for multiple tenants. Access requires that the database TenantID has been set in the SQL Server connection context information. That setting filters an underlying table to produce this view of data for the single, selected tenant.
Table 1. Database columns for RelatedInstalledSoftwareData table

Database Column


RelatedInstalled SoftwareID

Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

Unique identifier for this record.


Type: integer. Key

The parent installed application. Foreign key to the InstalledSoftware table.


Type: integer. Key

The child installed application. Foreign key to the InstalledSoftware table.


Type: boolean. Key

The identifier used in the source connection to determine the pricing relation between parent and child installer evidence (specifies if it is charged = 1 or free = 0).


Type: integer. Nullable

Confidence level for each bundled installer evidence (as a percentage).