RoleRight Table

Each action by FlexNet Manager Suite requires the role to have one or more RoleRights to perform an ActionClass over a given Resource.

Note: To cater for multi-tenant mode, this table may contain data for multiple tenants. Access requires that the database TenantID has been set in the SQL Server connection context information. That setting filters an underlying table to produce this view of data for the single, selected tenant.
Table 1. Database columns for RoleRight table

Database Column



Type: integer. Key

The role to whom the right is granted or denied.


Type: integer. Key

The Resource to which the RoleRight applies.


Type: integer. Key

The action class which applies (read or modify).


Type: boolean

When TRUE (1), indicates that the specified right is denied.


Type: integer. Key. Nullable

The enterprise group to which the right for this role applies, if applicable.