Locale Table

Stores locale information, which consists of country and language combinations. Use the LocaleCode column as the foreign key into this table.

Table 1. Database columns for Locale table

Database Column



Type: text (max 6 characters). Key

A combination of the language code and country code, separated by a hyphen. If there is no country code, then there will be no hyphen added. This column MUST have the correct value when inserted, based on the values of the language and country codes.


Type: text (max 3 characters). Key

The three letter language code.


Type: text (max 2 characters). Key. Nullable

The two letter country code.


Type: text (max 128 characters)

The name of the locale. For example, “English (United States)”.


Type: integer. Nullable

The Microsoft identifier for the locale. For example, 1033 for English (United States).