HardwareObject Table

The HardwareObject table entries describe a specific configuration item (usually a piece of physical hardware) associated with a computer. The information is represented in the database as Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes.

Note: To cater for multi-tenant mode, this table may contain data for multiple tenants. Access requires that the database TenantID has been set in the SQL Server connection context information. That setting filters an underlying table to produce this view of data for the single, selected tenant.
Table 1. Database columns for HardwareObject table

Database Column



Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

Auto-generated identity number


Type: integer. Key

The computer on which the hardware was found. It is a foreign key into the Computer table.


Type: text (max 256 characters). Key

The hardware name as reported by the system.


Type: integer. Key

The distinguishing identifier for the hardware. For example, if a computer has more than one memory card with the same Class and HardwareName, each memory card is assigned an Occurrence value (0, 1, 2…).


Type: integer. Key

The id for the HardwareClass of the object.