PackageVersion Table

The PackageVersion table contains information about all of the packages in the software library. It is primarily used to map between Installation and PackageApplies for the purpose of comparing what users and computers should have versus what they actually have installed. This table only stores the details of one version of each package. This will change in future releases.

Table 1. Database columns for PackageVersion table

Database Column



Type: integer. Key. Generated ID

Auto-generated identity number


Type: integer. Key

Reference to Path (Full name) of Package


Type: text (max 32 characters). Key

The version number of the package. The Installation table also has PackageName and Version columns. This value can be used to find the corresponding PackageFullName so that Installation can be mapped to PackageApplies.


Type: text (max 64 characters). Key

The current update (or patch) number of the package


Type: integer. Key

A managed device may only have one PackageVersion in a family.


Type: text (max 64 characters). Nullable

The friendly name for the package.


Type: text (max 40 characters). Nullable

The MD5 digest of the project file (.ndp) for the package. This is updated in the database when the package is packed or distributed.


Type: integer. Nullable

If set, contains the size in bytes of the distributable form of the package


Type: text (max 128 characters). Nullable

A category or class used to group packages