Information Structure

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
The following information is provided about database tables. Items appear only when relevant to the database column, and are suppressed where they do not apply. Two of these items (shown bold) are columns in the following pages, and the remainder are displayed within the Details.
Item Comment
Database Column

The name of the column in the SQL table.


The data type of the contents of the database column.


For types that have a maximum capacity, the upper limit is provided in parentheses.


The word “Key” appears when a column is a unique key field within the table. It is possible for several database columns to be part of the key, so that this indicator may appear for several columns in a table.

Generated ID

This indicates that a numeric ID is assigned by the database.


If this indicator is present, the database column permits nulls.


This indicator appears for columns that are automatically computed by the database.


If a column has a default value declared in the schema, this is specified at the end of the first set of details for the column.


Describes the data stored in the database column, including many of the indicators described above.