Creating a New Properties Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

Execute the following in SQL Server Management Studio against your FNMSCompliance database.

EXEC dbo.AddTabToWebUIPropertiesPage
        @TargetTypeID = TargetTypeID,
        @ExcludeTargetSubTypeIDs = 'TargetSubTypeID,TargetSubTypeID,...',
        @Name = 'My_Unique_Name',
        @CultureType = 'ISOCultureCode',
        @DisplayNameInPage = 'Prompt value',
        @UIInsertTypeID = UIInsertTypeID,
        @RelativeTabName = 'RelativeTabName'
Type Description
@TargetTypeID Mandatory. Integer that identifies the type of object to which you are adding a custom property. For supported objects and their integer equivalents for TargetTypeID, see Objects You Can Customize.
Mandatory. A comma-separated list (enclosed in single quotation marks) of integer subtype IDs. For the default case of no exclusions, give this parameter an empty list:
@ExcludeTargetSubTypeIDs = '',
Many types of target objects have subtypes (for example, assets may be workstations, routers, and so on). By default, a custom property added to an object (identified by its TargetTypeID) is added to all subtypes of that object. However, you can exclude any subtypes you choose with this parameter. For supported subtypes and their integer equivalents for TargetSubTypeID, see Objects You Can Customize.
@Name Mandatory. The internal name (used in code and database) of the new tab you are adding. This name must be unique across all tabs in the system (including the factory-supplied tabs, and including all database objects). For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you adopt a stringent naming convention, such as a company name space, an object type, and a tab name. The name is limited to 256 characters, and only alphanumeric ASCII characters (A-Z, a-z, and 0-9) are acceptable. Using any other characters results in an error message:
Input @Name contains invalid character
Tip: Keep in mind that this name is internal, and not displayed to operators. For a name visible to others, see @DisplayNameInPage below, which supports a wider range of characters.
@CultureType Default value is en-US. Value is a five-character ISO code for culture (enclosed in single quotation marks). The permitted values are available at
@DisplayNameInPage Mandatory. This is the label (enclosed in single quotation marks) displayed on the tab in the web interface for FlexNet Manager Suite when the culture setting for the interface matched the one you declare in CultureType. You can also provide localized values for this label using different culture settings, for which see Localizing Display Names of Custom Properties.
@UIInsertTypeID Mandatory. An integer indicating the position of this new tab relative to the tab identified in RelativeTabName. For integer values and their meaning, see Positioning Your Custom Control. Note that in this case of creating a new tab, the value 3 is not relevant.
@RelativeTabName Mandatory. The internal name of the anchor tab relative to which you are positioning your new custom tab. For internal names of factory-supplied tabs, see subtopics of Positioning Your Custom Control.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1