Removing a Custom Property

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

If you have incorrectly defined a custom property, you can execute one of the following in SQL Server Management Studio against your FNMSCompliance database, referencing the faulty custom property.

Warning: Removing a custom property (tab, section, or other control) in one of the following ways deletes the control from the web interface of FlexNet Manager Suite, removes the custom property from the custom report builder, and optionally can also delete the property from the underlying database. If you specify removal of the data from the database (@DeleteFromDB = 1), any custom reports previously built that included the custom property will fail to load until you modify the report definition to remove this custom property.

Deletion is specific to each individual custom property you have previously declared, and does not cascade down to other items they may contain. For example, suppose you had declared My.LicenseTab.Charges, containing My.LicenseSection.Monthly, in which there was a custom control My.Chargeback.Amount. Subsequently you delete My.LicenseTab.Charges. Because the tab disappears, obviously everything it contained is also 'hidden'. However, My.LicenseSection.Monthly and My.Chargeback.Amount have not been deleted, and are waiting in the database. You can repeat the creation process for these controls using the same name for each (this performs an update), and declaring a new anchor point for them in the web interface (for instance, in this example you might move them into the Financial tab). Thereafter these controls reappear in the web interface, and display any data previously saved through the custom controls.

EXEC dbo.RemoveTabFromWebUI
        @TargetTypeID = TargetTypeID,
        @Name = 'My-Unique-Name'
EXEC dbo.RemoveSectionFromWebUI
        @TargetTypeID = TargetTypeID,
        @Name = 'My-Unique-Name'
EXEC dbo.RemovePropertyFromWebUI
        @TargetTypeID = TargetTypeID,
        @Name = 'My-Unique-Name',
        @DeleteFromDB = 0
Type Value
@TargetTypeID Mandatory. Integer that identifies the type of object from which you are removing the custom property. For supported objects and their integer equivalents for TargetTypeID, see Objects You Can Customize.
@Name Mandatory. The internal name (in code and database) of the custom property you are removing. You defined this name when you create the custom property.
@DeleteFromDB Optional (default is zero when omitted). Boolean. When omitted or given the value zero, the custom property (and the data it may contain if it has already been in use) remains in the database, although it is no longer available in the web interface of FlexNet Manager Suite. When this parameter is set to 1, the custom property is removed (along with any stored values) from the database. This parameter is only available when removing properties, as tabs and sections do not have any data component stored in the database.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1