Controls You Can Add

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

When you declare a custom property to add to a database object, you must also declare the kind of control that is to appear in the property sheet for that object, within the web interface of FlexNet Manager Suite.

You can add an entirely new tab to the properties, or within any tab (new or existing) you can add a new section (a grouping for other controls). Both of these cases, tab and section, are special cases in that each has its own SQL procedure for its declaration. These do not need numeric references.

For other controls that you can add within a section (or, for that matter, within a tab without an intervening section if you wish), you specify them by a numeric reference called the UIFieldTypeID. The available controls and their UIFieldTypeID are shown below.

Prompts (the text beside the control telling the operator what to do) are declared as part of the declaration of each custom property.

Table 1. Supported UI controls
Control UIFieldTypeID Comments
Integer 3 A small single-line field combined with up and down arrows (a spinner), where operators may type in an integer value or use the arrows to 'spin up' the number required.
Text box 4 A standard, single-line text field for entering a value.
Text area 5 A rectangular area where the operator can enter free-form text.
Date 6 Provides a date entry field complete with date icon. If the operator clicks the icon, a date picker calendar appears.
Drop-down list 8 A pull-down list of fixed values from which an operator may choose. You declare the values for the list when adding the custom property.
Check box 9 Boolean: saves a 1 in the database when the check box is checked (ticked), and zero otherwise.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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