Internal Property Names for Applications

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The properties for applications are represented in the tables below, with a separate table for each tab displayed in the web interface (or UI). The first column (for sections with their own heading) and second column (for fields and other kinds of UI controls displayed within each section) show the labels displayed in the default culture en-US. The right-most column displays the identity of that control within the underlying system. You must use these identity names when you reference any UI control as an anchor for relative positioning of your new custom control.


Of all the database objects supporting custom values, only applications have the following limitations:
  • The Business Importer does not current support importing data into custom fields for applications. When you create a custom property for applications, it is available for data entry within the web interface, and the data may be output in custom reports. This restriction is only that the bulk import of data using the Business Importer is not currently supported.
  • The following tabs within application properties are excluded from customization:
    • Evidence tab (database identity Tab_Evidence)
    • Precedence tab (database identity Tab_Precedence)
    • Usage tab (database identity Tab_Usage)

Tab label: General

Database identity: Tab_General

Section Control Internal Name
Identification   Section_Identification
  Table Table
  Publisher Publisher
  Version Version
  Name Name
  Source Source
  FlexeraID FlexeraID
  Classification Classification
  Application category Category
Details   Section_Details
  Status Status
  Release date ReleaseDate
  Supported until SupportedUntil
  Extended support until ExtendedSupportUntil
  Information Notes

Tab label: Licenses

Database identity: Tab_Licenses

Section Control Internal Name
License consumption order   Section_LicenseConsumptionOrder
  Grid LicenseOrder
  Automatically manage license priorities ManagedLicenses

Tab label: Devices

Database identity: Tab_Computers

Section Control Internal Name
Related devices   Section_Computers
  Grid RelatedComputers

Tab label: History

Database identity: Tab_History

Section Control Internal Name
History of changes to this application   Section_History
  Grid ApplicationHistory

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1