Internal Property Names for Assets

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The properties for assets are represented in the tables below, with a separate table for each tab displayed in the web interface (or UI). The first column (for sections with their own heading) and second column (for fields and other kinds of UI controls displayed within each section) show the labels displayed in the default culture en-US. The right-most column displays the identity of that control within the underlying system. You must use these identity names when you reference any UI control as an anchor for relative positioning of your new custom control.

Tab label: General

Database identity: Tab_General.

Section Control Internal Name
General   Section_General
  Name Name
  Asset type AssetTypeId
  Linked inventory LinkedComputer
  Serial number SerialNumber
  Asset tag Asset_tag
  Manufacturer Manufacturer
  Part number PartNumber
  Model AssetModel
  Master asset MasterAssetName
  Status Status
  Category CategoryPath
End of life   Section_EndOfLife
  Retirement date RetirementDate
  Resale price ResalePrice
  Retirement reason Reason
  Disposal date DisposalDate
  Recipient Recipient
  Written off value WrittenOffValue
Last inventory   Section_LastInventory
  Electronic Electronic
  By Electronic_Created_By
  Physical Physical
  By Physical_Created_By
  Installed on Installed
  Information Note

Tab label: Hardware

Database identity: Tab_Hardware
Tip: The Hardware tab appears only when the asset record is linked to an inventory device record.
Section Control Internal Name
Hardware   Section_Hardware
  Operating system OperatingSystem
  Service pack ServicePack
  Processors Processors
  Cores Cores
  Threads Threads
  Sockets Sockets
  Partial No Of Processors PartialNoOfProcessors
  Processor type ProcessorType
  Clock speed (MHz) ClockSpeed
  Disk (GB) Disk
  Hard drives HardDrives
  Display adapters DisplayAdapters
  Network cards NetworkCards
  Assigned chassis type AssignedChassisType
  Inventory Chassis Type InventoryChassisType

Tab label: Ownership

Database identity: Tab_Ownership

Section Control Internal Name
User   Do not reference.
  Calculated Calculated
  Last logged on LastLoggedOn

Tab label: Financial

Database identity: Tab_Financial

Section Control Internal Name
Financial   Section_Financial
  Acquisition mode AcquisitionMode
  Delivery date DeliveryDate
  Warranty type Warranty
  End of warranty EndOfWarranty
Lease information (see note 1)   Section_LeaseInformation
  Lease agreement LeaseAgreement
  Lease number LeaseNumber
  Start date StartDate
  End date
  Lease price LeasePrice
  Buyout BuyOut
  Payment Payment
  Period Period
Lease Termination (see note 1)   Section_LeaseTermination
  Date TerminationDate
  Retirement reason Reason
Depreciation (see note 2)   Section_Depreciation
  Current value CurrentValue
  Residual value ResidualValue
  Depreciation method DepreciationMethod
  Period (years) PeriodYears
  Rate RatePercentage
Charges   Section_Charges
  Amount Amount
  Frequency Frequency
  1. These sections and the fields they contain are applicable only when Acquisition mode is set to Leased.
  2. This section and the fields it contains are applicable only when Acquisition mode is set to Purchased.

Tab label: Sub-assets

Database identity: Tab_Sub_Assets

Section Control Internal Name
Sub-assets   Section_SubAssets
  Grid SubAssets

Tab label: Contracts

Database identity: Tab_Contracts

Section Control Internal Name
Related contracts   Section_RelatedContracts
  Grid AssociatedContracts

Tab label: Purchases

Database identity: Tab_Purchases

Section Control Internal Name
Related purchases   Section_RelatedPurchases
  Grid AssociatedPurchases

Tab label: Documents

Database identity: Tab_Documents

Section Control Internal Name
Related documents   Section_Documents
  Grid DocumentChanges

Tab label: History

Database identity: Tab_History

Section Control Internal Name
History of changes to this asset   Section_AssetsHistory
  Grid History
  Created by CreatedBy
  Creation date CreationDate
  Last updated by LastUpdatedBy
  Last updated date LastUpdatedDate

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1