Internal Property Names for Computers

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The properties for computers (presented in the web interface as inventory devices) are represented in the tables below, with a separate table for each tab displayed in the web interface (or UI). The first column (for sections with their own heading) and second column (for fields and other kinds of UI controls displayed within each section) show the labels displayed in the default culture en-US. The right-most column displays the identity of that control within the underlying system. You must use these identity names when you reference any UI control as an anchor for relative positioning of your new custom control.


The Licenses tab (database identity: Tab_Licenses) within computer properties is excluded from customization.

Tab label: General

Database identity: Tab_Summary.

Section Control Internal Name
General   Section_Summary
  Status Status
  Inventory device type InventoryDeviceType
  Name Name
  Compliance status ComplianceStatus
  Linked asset LinkedToAsset
  Domain name Domain
  Inventory role Role
  Manufacturer Manufacturer
  Model ComputerModel
  IP address IPAddress
  MAC address MACAddress
  Serial number SerialNumber
  Chassis number ChassisNumber
  Category CategoryPath
Last inventory source   Section_InventorySource
  Last inventory date LastInventoryDate
  Last inventory source LastInventorySource
  Connection name InventoryConnectionName
  You may override inventory values OverrideInventoryValue
Service Provider   Section_ServiceProvider
  Located in service provider's datacenter cloud LocatedServiceProviderCloud
  Service Provider ServiceProvider

Tab label: Hardware

Database identity: Tab_Hardware.

Section Control Internal Name
Hardware   Section_Hardware
  Operating system OperatingSystem
  Service pack ServicePack
  Processors Processors
  Cores Cores
  Threads Threads
  Sockets Sockets
  Partial no of processors PartialNoOfProcessors
  Processor type ProcessorType
  Clock speed (MHz) ClockSpeed
  Disk (GB) Disk
  Hard drives HardDrives
  Display adapters DisplayAdapters
  Network cards NetworkCards
  Assigned chassis type AssignedChassisType
  Inventory Chassis Type InventoryChassisType
  * You may override inventory values OverrideInventoryValue2

Tab label: Applications

Database identity: Tab_Applications.
Tip: The Applications tab is displayed only when Last inventory source (in the General tab) has a value other than Manual.
Section Control Internal Name
Applications installed on this device   Section_Applications
  Grid Applications

Tab label: Ownership

Database identity: Tab_Ownership.

Section Control Internal Name
User   Do not reference.
  Calculated Calculated
  Last logged on LastLoggedOn

Tab label: VM Properties

Database identity: Tab_VMProperties.

Section Control Internal Name
Virtual Machine Properties   Section_VMProperties
  Host Host
  Friendly name VM_Name
  Guest full name VM_GuestFullName
  Location VM_Location
  VM type VM_Type
  Pool VM_Pool
  Total memory (GB) VM_TotalMemory
  Memory usage (GB) VM_MemoryUsage
  CPU usage (MHz) VM_CPUUsage
  Last known state VM_LastKnownState
  Host affinity enabled VM_AffinityEnabled

Threads (max)


CPU affinity


Core affinity


Partition number


Partition ID

Tab label: Virtual Machines

Database identity: Tab_VirtualMachines.

Section Control Internal Name
Virtual machines   Section_VirtualMachines
  Grid VirtualMachines

Tab label: Virtual Desktop Templates

Database identity: Tab_VdiTemplates.

Section Control Internal Name
Virtual Deskop Templates accessed from this device   Section_VdiTemplates
  Grid VdiTemplates

Tab label: History

Database identity: Tab_History.

Section Control Internal Name
History of changes to this device   Section_History
  Grid ComputerHistory
  Created by CreatedBy
  Creation date CreationDate
  Last updated by LastUpdatedBy
  Last updated by LastUpdatedDate

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1