Internal Property Names for Contracts

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The properties for contracts are represented in the tables below, with a separate table for each tab displayed in the web interface (or UI). The first column (for sections with their own heading) and second column (for fields and other kinds of UI controls displayed within each section) show the labels displayed in the default culture en-US. The right-most column displays the identity of that control within the underlying system. You must use these identity names when you reference any UI control as an anchor for relative positioning of your new custom control.

Tab label: General

Database identity: Tab_General.

Section Control Internal Name
Identification   Section_Identification
  Contract no ContractNo
  Status Status
  Description Description
  Contract type ContractType
  Purchase program PurchaseProgram
  Select applications level ApplicationLevel
  Select systems level SystemsLevel
  Select servers level ServersLevel
  Initial platform quantity InitialPlatformQuantity
  Replaced by ReplacedContractBy
  Category CategoryPath
Events   Section_Events
  Evergreen Evergreen
  Start date StartDate
  Next renewal date NextRenewalDate
  Expiry date ExpiryDate
  Review date ReviewDate
  Last renewed date LastRenewedDate
Payments   Section_Payments
  Global amount GlobalAmount
  Monthly amount MonthlyAmount
  Information Comments

Tab label: Ownership

Database identity: Tab_ Ownership.

Section Control Internal Name
Ownership   Section_Ownership

Tab label: Vendors

Database identity: Tab_Vendors.

Section Control Internal Name
Other vendors   Section_OtherVendors
Additional vendors   Section_Vendors
  Grid Vendors
Third-party vendors   Section_3rdPartyVendors
  Grid Contract3rdPartyVendors

Tab label: Assets

Database identity: Tab_Assets.

Section Control Internal Name
Assets   Section_Assets
  Grid Assets

Tab label: Purchases

Database identity: Tab_Purchases.

Section Control Internal Name
Related purchases   Section_RelatedPurchases
  Grid Purchases

Tab label: Licenses

Database identity: Tab_Licenses.

Section Control Internal Name
Related licenses   Section_RelatedLicenses
  Grid Licenses

Tab label: Responsibilities

Database identity: Tab_Responsibilities.

Section Control Internal Name
Responsibilities   Section_Responsibilities
  Grid Responsibilities

Tab label: Payment schedules

Database identity: Tab_Payment_Schedule.

Section Control Internal Name
Payment schedules   Section_Payment_Schedule
  Grid PaymentSchedules

Tab label: Terms and conditions

Database identity: Tab_Terms_and_Conditions.

Section Control Internal Name
Terms and conditions   Section_Terms_and_Conditions
  Grid TermsConditions

Tab label: Documents

Database identity: Tab_Documents

Section Control Internal Name
Related Documents   Section_Documents Grid
  Grid DocumentChanges

Tab label: History

Database identity: Tab_History.

Section Control Internal Name
History of changes to this contract   Section_History
  Grid History
  Created by CreatedBy
  Creation date CreationDate
  Last updated by LastUpdatedBy
  Last updated by LastUpdatedDate

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1