Internal Property Names for Users

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The properties for users are represented in the tables below, with a separate table for each tab displayed in the web interface (or UI). The first column (for sections with their own heading) and second column (for fields and other kinds of UI controls displayed within each section) show the labels displayed in the default culture en-US. The right-most column displays the identity of that control within the underlying system. You must use these identity names when you reference any UI control as an anchor for relative positioning of your new custom control.

Tab label: General

Database identity: Tab_General.

Section Control Internal Name
Identification   User
  Title UserTitle
  First name FirstName
  Middle name MiddleName
  Last name LastName
  Suffix Suffix
  Full name Fullname
Employment   Section_Employment
  Job title JobTitle
  Employee ID EmployeeID
  Enployment Status EmploymentStatus
  Manager Manager
  Status ComplianceUserStatus
Account   Section_Account
  Account name AccountName
  Domain name Domain
  Last inventory source LastInventorySource

Tab label: Details

Database identity: Tab_Details.

Section Control Internal Name
Enterprise groups   Section_EnterpriseGroups
Contact   Section_Contact
  Phone Phone
  Fax Fax
  Mobile Mobile
  Email Email
Address   Section_Address
  Street address StreetAddress
  City City
  State/Province State
  Country Country
  Postal code PostalCode

Tab label: Hardware

Database identity: Tab_Hardware.

Section Control Internal Name
Assets   Section_Assets
  Grid Assets
Devices   Section_Computers
  Grid Computers

Tab label: Software

Database identity: Tab_Software.

Section Control Internal Name
Related software licenses   Section_Software
  Grid Software

Tab label: Responsibilities

Database identity: Tab_Responsibilities.

Section Control Internal Name
Responsibilities   Section_Responsibilities
Licenses   Section_Licenses
  Grid Licenses
Contracts   Section_Contracts
  Grid Contracts

Tab label: Documents

Database identity: Tab_Documents.

Section Control Internal Name
Related documents   Section_Documents
  Grid DocumentChanges

Tab label: History

Database identity: Tab_History.

Section Control Internal Name
History of changes to this user   Section_History
  Grid History
  Created by CreatedBy
  Creation date CreationDate
  Last updated by LastUpdatedBy
  Last updated by LastUpdatedDate

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1