Applying for IBM Approval

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
IBM acceptance is required if you intend to use FlexNet Manager for Datacenters as a sub-capacity reporting alternative to ILMT in your on-premises implementation. Because this is a well-established requirement, IBM provides a formal registration and contract amendment process.
Tip: If you believe that you already have agreement from IBM but cannot produce the written contract modification, it is best practice to confirm with IBM that they have you registered in this relatively new process.

To apply for an IBM license variation:

  1. Obtain the PDF document Amendment to the International Passport Advantage Agreement:
    1. Advise your IBM account team that you wish to use FlexNet Manager Suite in place of ILMT for sub-capacity calculations for IBM PVU and/or IBM VPC licenses.
    2. Your IBM account team raise your request with the IBM Compliance / License central office.
    3. The IBM Compliance office send you the current version of this amendment document.
    Tip: The request through the account team (as described above) is the approach preferred by IBM as of this writing. If there are roadblocks, an alternative path is to email your request to
    The amendment, which is effective only when signed by all parties:
    • Allows use of FlexNet Manager Suite release 2015 R1 or later (this documentation is for release 2022 R1), which you must keep properly installed, configured and maintained at all times
    • Gives IBM or its third-party partner the audit right to validate that installation and configuration
    • Requires a minimum scan frequency of 30 minutes
    • Allows you to gather inventory with the FlexNet inventory agent or by integrating with ILMT, TAD4D, or IBM Big Fix
    • Specifically excludes any other third-party inventory tools.
  2. Complete and sign the form, and if necessary scan it for electronic delivery.
  3. Have your Project Manager attach a written acknowledgment that the requirement for 30 minute scanning frequency has been communicated and understood.
  4. Email the two completed documents to
  5. Await your approval from IBM.
    Tip: If you feel that there are unreasonable delays, you may alert your Flexera representative, who can check through our Alliances team for further information. If you do not receive this approval from IBM, you must either:
    • Use only ILMT for sub-capacity IBM licensing and reporting to IBM (keep in mind that this option means you cannot see sub-capacity results calculated by ILMT for IBM VPC licenses in FlexNet Manager Suite, although the internal results from each license reconciliation calculation remain available)
    • Use full capacity licensing for IBM PVU and IBM VPC licenses.
  6. Archive the countersigned agreement for safekeeping and possible use in a future audit.
    One possibility is to create a contract record in FlexNet Manager Suite, and attach the PDF to the Documents tab of the contract properties.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1