System Landscape Setup

In SAP mode of FlexNet Manager Suite, you use the System Landscape Editor to represent and manage all your SAP systems.

Your systems are organized in a landscape or multiple landscapes, according to your enterprise's requirements. You can group your systems into a hierarchical structure as needed. For example, you could create groups based on your organization's structure (per branch, business unit, and so on) or according to the systems' technical properties.

The System Landscape Editor provides an overview of all the SAP systems that are organized in a landscape. It is the primary area where you add, edit, and delete system landscapes. You can change the system landscape's status to enable and disable updating the dashboard with licensing data.

You use the System Landscape Editor to add SAP Admin module systems, dependent, and independent SAP systems to a landscape. In addition, you configure the RFC connection details for the systems that connect to FlexNet Manager Suite (SAP Admin module systems and independent SAP systems connect to FlexNet Manager Suite, but there is no direct connection between FlexNet Manager Suite and dependent SAP systems). It also enables you to edit existing systems and to remove systems from the landscape.

If you are using inventory beacons, the landscapes that you define in the System Landscape Editor are distributed to all inventory beacons. You can then define the SAP systems for these landscapes on the inventory beacon.

For more information about defining an SAP system on an inventory beacon, see Creating SAP Connections.