A place, and in FlexNet Manager Suite, specifically a place where your enterprise has some office or facility. For example, you may have head office in Chicago, with a software team located in Melbourne. Chicago and Melbourne are then two of the locations in which your company operates directly. Locations are one kind of enterprise group available in FlexNet Manager Suite, and are expressed as a hierarchy separated by the forward slash character. For example, your Melbourne team may be managed out of an Asia-Pacific office, so the relationship can be expressed as Asia-Pacific/Melbourne.

Sometime a company plant in a particular location is called a 'site'.

Locations may relate to licensing in the following ways:

  • You may declare that a license is 'owned' by a particular location for administrative purposes (on the Ownership tab of the license properties). This can control who has access to see the license details, but does not control consumption.
  • If you need a license to give unrestricted access to software in any given location, you may use a Site license.
  • Where there is a legal restriction on consumption of a license with a specified geography that must be enforced, you can use any license type and use the Restrictions tab in the license properties to limit consumption to the approved groups.
  • To control consumption so that people or machines within a certain location must consume from a specific license, use allocations (from the Consumption tab of the license properties).
  • To give a specific location priority on a certain license, use a group assignment.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1


Note: Not to be used in a formal description of enterprise groups, but is a popular synonym for a facility that the enterprise operates in a specific location.