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FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The All Accounts page appears when you navigate to the system menu ( in the top right corner) and choose Accounts. It displays a list of all FlexNet Manager Suite accounts. An account normally represents a person or group authorized to operate FlexNet Manager Suite within your enterprise (that is, these are operator accounts). Operators can only use the features of FlexNet Manager Suite when their account is enabled, and assigned to at least one role. Each role controls access to areas of functionality in FlexNet Manager Suite. You can assign one or more roles to an account.

Accounts are not users

An "operator" should not be confused with a "user" (in the language of FlexNet Manager Suite). FlexNet Manager Suite maintains separate records for operator accounts and users:
  • A user is a computer user, a person engaged in your main line of business who uses one (or more) of your computing assets in the course of business. Users appear in Enterprise > All Users.
  • An operator is a person with privileges to use some or all of FlexNet Manager Suite. Every operator must have an account (although some accounts may not be for people, as discussed below).

Clearly there are many users who never access FlexNet Manager Suite, so that those people are in the first group only. If your software asset management (SAM) is contracted out to a service company, then all the operators (the second group) may be employees of the service company; and in this case, there is no overlap between your users and their operators. However, if you manage your software assets in house, then the people in your SAM team may be both users and operators, so that the two groups can overlap.

Types of account

FlexNet Manager Suite supports two types of account:
  • Account — The account that you can use for interactive access to FlexNet Manager Suite through its web interface. This is also called an operator account, as discussed above.
  • Service Account — The non-interactive account that cannot access the web interface, but can otherwise run FlexNet Manager Suite, supporting all its automated processes. A service account may also be given permissions to access the web APIs for FlexNet Manager Suite, by linking it to the appropriate role. (The JSON and REST APIs are normally used only for integration with other Flexera products, such as App Portal / App Broker.)

Managing employee changes

An employee may leave your company, or be reassigned out of your SAM group.

If the departing employee is removed from Active Directory, then any related user record is automatically cleaned up after the next import from Active Directory.

However, this does not clean up the operator account record in FlexNet Manager Suite. In fact, accounts cannot be deleted using the web interface: instead, you disable the account, as mentioned below. Records of disabled accounts are maintained for historical tracking.

The All Accounts page

This page displays all accounts (with or without assigned roles). This page enables you to perform the following activities:
  • Search for an existing account — You can search for an existing account. For more information on using the filters and other UI controls, see the topics under Using Lists in FlexNet Manager Suite
  • Enable an account — Only enabled accounts are allowed to log in to FlexNet Manager Suite. To enable an account, select it and click Enable.
  • Disable an account — You can disable an account if you want to prevent it using FlexNet Manager Suite, or if an operator has left your enterprise. To disable an account, select it and click Disable.
  • Open an account — You can click the Name link to view the account details. For more information about account details, see Account Properties.
  • Create an account — You can create an operator account for an existing user. For details, see Creating an Account.
The All Accounts page lists the following properties of accounts. Some of these properties are visible by default whereas others are available through Choose Columns.
Table 1. Account properties on the All Accounts page
Property Description

The email ID of the account.

Editable in the account properties.

Job title

The job title of the person using this account.

Editable in the account properties.


The login name or ID of the account.

Editable in the account properties.


The name of the account. The account can be a personal or group account. For example, QA_Group.

Editable in the account properties.


The role assigned to this account. A role determines the features accessible to an account. The Web Service role is by default selected for a service account.

Editable in the account properties.


The current status of the account. To use the features of FlexNet Manager Suite, an account must be Enabled and assigned with at least one role.

Editable in the account properties.


The type of the account. It can be either a Web service account or an Operator account. The Web service accounts are used to access FlexNet Manager Suite through the Flexera web service, and the Operator accounts are used to access FlexNet Manager Suite through its user interface.

Editable in the account properties.

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