Inventory spreadsheet templates updated

FlexNet Manager Suite version 2018 R2
FlexNet Manager Suite provides standard templates for the import of inventory data through an inventory beacon. At each product release where the internal data model used in FlexNet Manager Suite is updated, these templates are also updated to keep them aligned with the underlying databases. Therefore it is always best practice to use the latest templates when editing or creating a spreadsheet for inventory import. In particular, release 2018 R2 includes a changed template for Computer imports, which means that if you have any scheduled imports of this inventory spreadsheet, you must update these to use the latest template.
Tip: It is not necessary to populate the new columns with data, since at this release all the added columns are for optional data. However, your spreadsheets must, as always, use exactly the columns, in the given order, and with the column names that are supplied in the templates.
New columns (which are all related to cloud service providers) to consider in the updated Computer template are:
  • InstanceCloudID
  • CloudServiceProvider
  • InstanceAffinity
  • ImageID
  • LaunchTime
  • NetworkID
  • LifecycleMode
  • Account
  • ThreadsPerCore
  • InstanceType
  • Region
  • AvailabilityZone
  • InstanceTenancy.

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