Changed default for custom device roles

FlexNet Manager Suite version 2021 R1

In the General tab of the property sheet for an inventory device is a property called Device role. Here you can choose a Production role, where software installed on the device consumes license entitlements as usual; or you can choose other roles such as Test, where some licenses may grant an exemption from license consumption (check your license terms and conditions carefully).

Besides the eight device roles provided as standard, it is also possible to use a Business Adapter to create a custom role to apply to devices under special license conditions. However, until now, devices in the custom role were set as exempt from license consumption, and there has been no way in the web interface to change that setting.

From this release, future custom device roles created through business adapters now default to consuming from licenses for any software installed on them.
Tip: Any custom device roles previously created are not affected by this change, and their current behavior is unaltered. If you need to swap the behavior of your custom device roles, access your compliance database through Microsoft SQL Studio, and in the ComplianceComputerRole table, set the value of ManageLicense for your chosen role to either zero (the role is exempt from license consumption) or one (devices in this role consume license entitlements as normal).

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2